Superfood – ‘Superfood’


Btown has done it again, the West Midlands are reaping the wave created by Peace, Swim Deep and Troumaca with the latest exploit, Superfood. A band who amounted a tonne of hype and excitement from fans of the other Birmingham bands but are now making 2013 their own.

The track of the same name as the band is an eclectic mix of 90s grunge and baggy Ash-like pop, with a chorus repeating ‘Superfood’ that will be embedded in your mind throughout any daily task and put a smile on your face.

Having changed names twice, from Baby 100 to Junnk to the now fitting Superfood, are only just putting their first release out to the public, this is a very early but terrific beast that you should get on side with.


Superfood will be supporting Btown pals Peace on their upcoming album tour and will no doubt build on the growing list of fans who tuned into Zane Lowe’s show to hear the first effort from the latest band to erupt from the Midlands. Check it out below, you won’t be sorry, but you will be addicted.

By Thomas Johnson