The Sherlocks – ‘Think For Yourself’ EP


Born out of the city that brought Richard Hawley, Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane, Sheffield’s own The Sherlocks are here to urge you to Think For Yourself with their second EP that has a refreshing echo amid a kick to the jaw of raw energetic indie.

Kickstarting the four track EP with ‘Shine Your Light’ shows that the band are here for business, it’s just that they have a lot of fun in creating this business and it certainly comes across with that infectious chorus that many bands struggle to do, but is something The Sherlocks have in their bag of tricks.

The band are formed by two sets of brothers, the Crooks (Kiaran on rhythm guitar and Brandon on drums) and the Davidsons (Josh on lead guitar and Andy on bass), this tight knit group of Northern lads have a firm friendship that comes across in the opener and will have the words ‘Let me know’ reverberating around your head all night.

Second track ‘Emily’ is a personal affair built around a raw and raucous sound that highlight’s the lyrics and a swooning guitar with the pounding drums and lightly tripping bassline, a catchy song to say the least it’s a fitting second song on Think For Yourself.

‘Idol Eyes’ mixes influences from The Jam to The Libertines, the brothers in the band are channeling their own Pete and Carl vibe into the EP and coming out the other side smashing it with a lot of Sheffield swagger.

The Sherlocks are a young and impressive force with a lot of potential, final track ‘Thanks For The Advice’ is a sweet finish to the Think For Yourself EP with the noticeable Sheffield twang in the vocals and echoing finish that will leave you inspecting for more from The Sherlocks.


By Thomas Johnson